Fun question, of course everyone (and everything) is separate and unique. Which is completely accurate within our reality. The challenge is when we reach the higher mental frequency ranges (MFR’s) and finally reach a mental range where we are no longer separate and are instead one.

At first, this would appear to be a big deal, except once we step past this “Level 1” frequency, we see that it is but one amongst many and that we can continually go ever higher. As a metaphor, we can picture this “Level 1” frequency as an atom amongst many which make up the “Whole” of an even higher frequency.

MFM Level 1 and mental shortcuts

Within MFM, Level 1 is a required stepping stone to access some of the advanced benefits of practising MFM, such as self-healing. Reaching Level 1 does require working ones way through approximately 1.6 million mental frequency ranges, however, I share a shortcut within our next Podcast episode on how to reach this level in a very short time.

I also have also shared more info on that very shortcut in our previous podcast episode where we discuss the MFM Model and I share details on the shortcut I was able to use to keep exercising my mental (mind) muscles even when I was focused on something else.

How to tell that this mental frequency range is a combination of all?

Prior to reaching this level, as part of MFM exercises, you will be communicating with other energies (including versions of your own) at different mental frequency ranges. That being said, MFM is mostly focused on your own mind and energies, with a small outreach to other energies at times through your exercises.

What blew me away (at the time) was that I had all of a sudden reached a mental frequency that was no longer just my own, and had become that combination of ‘All’. How I was able to tell that this was the case was that I could no longer communicate with other energies (our mind is one form of that energy) from my own perspective.

Instead, every action and discussion seemed to be coming from everything at once like it was all me. Unlike other frequencies, I could no longer communicate with versions of myself; as the ‘me’ that was communicating was already the ‘all of it’.

Point of going to higher MFM Levels?

I actually stopped for a few months once I had reached Level 2, which you can see an image of below. I had stopped because I got to a point where I was thinking, ‘what is the point?’ of going even higher. Unsurprisingly, I was unable to apply specific MFM techniques at these levels as it was outside of the reality (Level 1) that was me.

What I discovered, however, was that there was a point to continuing. Somehow, these higher frequencies were able to boost my MFM practices and also helped delay my mind from being dragged back to a ‘Beta’ mental frequency range during times when I needed to be calm, composed and alert.

View our previous episodes to learn more

Whilst I will be covering specific examples of how you can do all of this yourself in the next episode, you can also get a leg up by running through our first and second podcast episodes which cover what MFM is and the modern science that helps explain how it works.

It is during the first podcast that I explain all the steps that led me to MFM, which if you follow them yourself will also get you there, actively applying MFM and shifting your mind to ever higher frequencies (states of mind/consciousness).