In this first episode I’ll be covering a short history of myself and the steps that led me to discovering and researching Mental Focused Mindfulness (a form of Meditation Free Mindfulness) — which is useful for someone like myself who has trouble focusing long enough to meditate.

During the first few episodes, I will be covering the science behind MFM, sharing a large detailed MFM model and instructions on how you can apply it to your own life.

Where did the term ‘Mental Focused Mindfulness come from?

Mental Focused Mindfulness (MFM) is a term I put together to define the mental based techniques that I have been researching and applying to my own life. They relate to the understanding that our mind is made up of different frequencies that we can recognise and connect to, depending on what our goal is.

About me and how I use MFM

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2011 and have had two businesses that have grown as large as 12 staff, but both go broke after a number of years, leaving me with over 100k in debts to pay off. I’m also recently unemployed and looking at all my credit cards go ever higher into debt.

Admittedly at times I get waves of depression that hit me, causing my chest to knot up in pain. It’s at times like this that I am thankful for MFM techniques for giving me the ability to step out of this depression based mental frequency range.

Some practical everyday benefits that I use Mental Focused Mindfulness for are:

  1. Providing boosts of energy during times I am affected by MS-based lethargy.
  2. Energizing me during runs, to keep my legs strong and free from pain.
  3. Recognizing a pattern of thoughts with harmful or negative intent and being able to instantly step out of there into blissful silence.
  4. Instantly negating the effects of a headache, no matter how painful.
  5. Overcoming nervousness during meetings and interviews.
  6. Clearing the mind during times that I am sad, angry, stressed or depressed.
  7. Reaching a zen-like state during times where calmness and focus are required, such as just before commencing a sparring session during martial arts training.

There are many more applications and benefits, including communication, creativity and other techniques that I will cover in future podcasts.

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On our next episode…

We cover four absolutely jaw-dropping discoveries that have been made by our modern science. They have really helped me personally in understanding how some of the benefits of MFM could possibly work.

Tribe Zen MFM Podcast Episode 2: The science behind Mental Focused Mindfulness.

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