My studies with MFM have helped lead me to a better understanding of the concept of infinity and the nature of death. I’d like to share that knowledge here, along with a guide of how I was able to work on proofs of what I had learnt.

The interesting thing about infinity is that it doesn’t just go infinite in one direction. As an example, within our physical reality, there is no maximum level of ‘hotness’ or ‘coldness’. No maximum that we can prove at least, with scientists registering 1032¬†Kelvins [1] as the highest possible known temperature.

Another interesting example is that we don’t know what the smallest piece of matter in the universe is, we’ve gone as small as quarks (much smaller than atoms), but are not sure if quarks are the smallest of all? [2]

One of the most visible examples we have is our physical universe. Which many cosmologists now believe is infinite in size. [3]

The same is true for the different frequencies in MFM, also being infinite in size. Understanding all of this, we can slowly begin to grasp the concept that we are also infinite multi-dimensional beings.

Yes, we have our physical body and everything directly around us, which disproves this infinity concept. Before dismissing the idea out of hand though, one interesting piece of info is that our bodies are 99.9999999% empty space [4].

Based upon MFM, picture your body as just being a projection of atoms. It is currently within a shared physical reality, with specific rules – such as gravity, speed of light etc.

Following the infinity principle, we soon discover that there is also an infinite amount of these physical realities, existing within different frequencies and dimensions. We’ve seen evidence of this already, with astronomers potentially having found evidence of an infinite amount of parallel universes. [5]

It isn’t a stretch from this point to learn that the mental frequency ranges we use in MFM are also infinite, allowing for an infinite amount of entities and realities to exist in each.

To answer the age-old question of what happens after death, it’s whatever you choose to happen. You could follow a script from a long-held belief pattern, living out an existence within a non-physical frequency range.

You could go re-live a particular life in a parallel dimension, perhaps start the most recent life all over, but with different variables. Usually, though, we will create or join a reality for ourselves that matches our understanding at death.

I share just one warning, please don’t feel limited. We can each create our own realities and experience the infinite from whatever perspective we choose. There is no permanent death and blackness, just an ending of one of your expressions of ‘life’ within this particular physical reality.

Yes, infinite being, so you can experience whatever you choose. Pushing out part of the energy that makes up your individual self to create a physical or non-physical representation of yourself within various realities.

I share this so we can go beyond this concept of multiple lives. Yes, it is true, however, it is also important not to get too carried away with it. As there is no reason why you couldn’t be having multiple physical lives right now, from your direct individual self.

Along with countless other lives in alternate realities. All happening at the same time, as it would appear that time does not exist. [6]

We can experience all of this right now, directly with MFM. We are the ones that give ourselves amnesia, cutting off any previous knowledge. Also, sort of a rule of being a part of this physical reality.

Also why we naturally don’t like to learn about anything that strays too far from our perception of reality. A very natural response, as we by our very nature want our perception of reality to continue.

Which is a large part of the whole point of being here on this planet. We are here to have an experience, from our own perception of reality — using our free will.

Practising MFM can help us experience this knowledge for ourselves. To give some specific examples:

  1. We can use MFM to communicate with relatives that have passed on, it’s no big deal and can be done by a junior MFM student.
  2. We can use MFM to explore the infinite areas of different mental frequencies
  3. MFM can be used to experience the ‘whole’, where we can have direct evidence that everything in our multi-verse is an individual entity, proving the long-held spiritual belief that we are all ‘one’
  4. We can learn that even the ‘whole’ of everything is not the end. By exploring further with MFM, we learn that the ‘whole’ is just one of an infinite amount of ‘wholes’ that are part of an even larger ‘whole’ being.

Finally, we can start to understand that even our physical bodies are infinite. When we look at them from the perspective of timelessness and infinite alternate realities, where we are providing the atoms for each physical body to appear in each reality.