This episode will be covering some of the science that helped make sense of how meditation free mindfulness with MFM works and why it works. I’m no scientist (just a researcher) so I won’t go in depth explaining these discoveries, however, I will share some other published videos and articles that do a good job explaining them :).

Check out the podcast as I run through them and also check out each attached article and video below — but to summarise here, the top scientific discoveries (that I have found) for helping support our understanding of MFM are:

1. Ourselves and everything around us is almost completely made up of empty space

Yep, we can even think of our own physical reality as being just another type of frequency range — which helps show how our mind could directly affect the state of our physical body.

2. All light, energy and matter act as both particles and waves

Double Slit Experiment:

This helps explain the ‘time is not real’ concept of our reality, that Einstein went into depth with. It also helps explain how there the energy and matter of our bodies can change state and how MFM can support the concept of multiple versions of your self (and others) within multiple frequency ranges.

3. The heart sends more information to the brain than vice versa

Mysteries of the Heart:

The linked video includes this piece of information along with many other surprising facts about the heart. This helps explain how the mind can be a higher frequency version of our body, taking up the same space — a very important concept in MFM as the space your brain occupies could be at one frequency (MFR) whilst the rest of your mind is elsewhere. We will also speak further in future podcasts about positive vs. negative emotions and where these sit on the scale of Mental Frequency Ranges (MFR).

4. Dr. Emoto’s water experiments

Dr. Masuru Emoto exposed music, spoken words, typed words pictures and videos to water, after which it was crystalized, with the water’s response (crystals) being directly affected by whatever it had been exposed to. This helps further support the notion of our mind being able to directly affect the particles in our bodies, especially with our bodies being made up of so much water.

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On our next episode…

We have something a bit special, in that we have put together a model of the mind that extends beyond our own infinite reality. Included is a closer look at all the individual Mental Frequency Ranges and where these overlap with the colour spectrum and the alpha/beta states of our mind.

Tribe Zen MFM Podcast Episode 3: The Mental Focused Mindfulness Model

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