In our podcast today I will be running through the complete MFM model that I have put together — based upon all the research I have conducted so far. In essence, what I discovered was that our minds are broken up into mental frequency ranges (MFR’s) that we constantly switch between during our everyday lives — with most of our waking hours spent within the MFR 2 Beta Range of sub-frequencies.

Different sub-frequency ranges only support specific sets of emotions/thoughts

Each of these frequency ranges is broken up into 100 smaller frequency ranges, giving us ranges such as MFR 2.16, MFR 2.99 and MFR 3.13. With each of these ranges supporting a different group of emotions/thoughts which your mind will receive, depending on the frequency you are connected to at the time.

Zoomed in MFM Model focusing on MFR 0 to MFR 10

For example, if the thoughts that are coming to you are nasty, negative and critical then there is a good chance your mind is connected to a frequency around the 2.16 frequency range. At the other MFR 2 (Beta) frequency range is MFR 2.99, which when connected to will provide a steady stream of over-the-top excited thoughts and emotions. Energising for a short while, but it just doesn’t stop and takes it too far.

The ideal frequency range?

One of the ideal frequency ranges is 3.13 and slightly higher, as this is closest to our physical reality and is a nice quiet frequency range for whenever we need a break from our stream of thoughts. It is also the frequency range we use in MFM to achieve that present mind awareness of our selves and our surroundings where everything around us has a slightly more vibrant colour.

Level 2 and Level 16+ of the MFM Model?

To assist with this week’s episode, feel free to run through some of the further screenshots I have compiled about the MFM model below, at different scales. I’ve also included two example levels above level 1 (Level 2 and Level 16), with the aim to try to visually share the infinite scale of our minds.

That infinite x version is meant to represent that there is a ridiculously large amount of other versions of Level 1 out there which can grow or contract as needed with no limit in scale
And it just keeps repeating… continuing on to ever higher mental frequencies…

A larger view of Level 1 (including examples of higher levels)

Showing all of Level 1 and examples of Level 2 and Level 16+

A view showing other level 1 frequencies

Same framework but completely different from our whole own version of ‘everything’. I’ll cover in depth within a future podcast.

Zoomed out view of Level 2, which has a close to infinite (aka insanely big number) amount of Level 1 frequency ranges

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After which, we will be running through specific scenarios such as cycles of depression and negative thoughts (that we all have), along with what rapid MFM techniques you can use to step out of these cycles.

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