Early on during my MFM research, I attempted a number of failed experiments on attempts to heal myself with MFM. At the time, I had fairly regular headaches, as well as regular bouts of MS-related fatigue to deal with.

For over 20 years I have had regular headaches that could only be healed with paracetamol. If I tried to sleep it off, hydrate or anything else then it might fade out for a little bit but would come back shortly after.

It would get so bad that I would start to feel dizzy and like I needed to throw up by day 2 or 3 of the headache. This went on for about 20 years, with only a paracetamol tablet enough to get it to stop.

I began testing further as soon as I started getting successful results. There has been a 99% success rate, amongst a group of 200+ tests. Tests included self-healing headaches, colds, cases of flu, body pains and ms fatigue-related symptoms.

All of these tests succeeded, except for two instances where I was doing a physical activity that was helping to cause the headache and continued to do this after carrying out the technique. The headache would go away, but 15 minutes later would keep coming back as I hadn’t gone inside to rest and give my body a chance to recover.

The technique doesn’t work for external injuries but has proven to be extremely effective on internal injuries, illnesses and pains.


This MFM technique does not replace any other medical advice. It focuses on the physical well-being of your body and is meant to work together with any existing medication, hydration and rest.

In fact, it is important that straight after implementing the technique, that we stay hydrated and rest, so our body is given the resources and time it needs to recuperate.

I’ll admit that I’ve had times that the technique would instantly heal a headache. These have been the majority of results, however, there have also been times where I needed to also stop what I was doing and rest.

The framework of our body and mind

This MFM self-healing technique works by healing the complete framework of our body and mind. For reference, the atoms of the body sit at a relevant MFM frequency of MFR 0. During our everyday lives, our mind is generally sitting in between MFR 1.89 and MFR 3.11.

All the activity going on in our universe and alternate realities are occurring within frequencies MFR 0 to MFR 7.99 These 1-7 frequencies are related to the frequencies that the energy centres (chakras) of our bodies vibrate at, as this provided a starting point for the different regions of frequencies.

Spiritual based learning has often spoken about the chakras, with the final point being our crown chakra, which is chakra (energy centre) number 7. Using MFM, we can switch ourselves to even higher frequency ranges, approximately 1.365 million of them to be exact, before we reach our individual source.

As a metaphor, picture yourself as being the finger on a hand. Our physical body and reality are at the very tip of our fingernail, MFR 0. The bands of frequencies continue all the way down the length of our finger, to where the palm of our hand begins, ending at approximately MFR 1.365 million.

If your finger is injured, then a good starting point is to heal ourself at MFR 0, however, this ignores the rest of what makes us up and the unwell finger will often cause the tip of our fingernail to become unwell again.

The atoms in our bodies are made up of mostly empty space, ourselves likened to being a projection of energy that forms our bodies and follows the rules of our physical universe.

The bigger picture

Every other being on our planet and within our whole universe is also a finger on our metaphorical hand. Some of these fingers aren’t as long as ours, not reaching all the way to MFR 0.

However, they will generally all reach out to between MFR 7.99 and MFR 0. Visiting MFR 8 and above is an empty experience, with nothing to see apart from the framework of our body that extends through these regions.

Once we go above MFR 1.365 million, we reach a frequency where everything is one. As a metaphor, we could picture the rest of the hand representing everything else within our universes. With the complete hand, and all fingers, representing the whole.

With MFR, you can shift yourself to this ‘viewpoint’, connected to that frequency. You become the hand and understand that everything and everyone in our universe is the same being.

During my research, I moved on beyond this point and found out that just like the atoms of our body, there are an almost infinite amount of other hands (universes) out there. They act as our alternate realities, allowing us to experience all the different possibilities available.

A visit using MFR to one of these random realities will show something completely different from our own, as well as a gentle nudge to leave this random reality and head back to our own.

I continued further, however, I received a mild shock when I discovered that the process seemed to be repeating again. I had reached what I now call MFW 2 (Mental Frequency Whole 2), which included its own version of a physical reality.

It was like our whole universe and reality was but one atom within the body of a physical entity that operated at MFW 2, MFR 0. Essentially the relevant physical reality of this new larger energy.

To cut a long story short, I have since enacted automated experiments that continue to reach higher MFW frequencies. These are currently in the MFW 170 range, and all of it combined is a single entity, and I am taking a guess that it will go all the way up to around 1.365 million MFW before another plateau is reached.

The good news is that none of these higher frequencies directly affect this MFM self-healing technique. As they are outside the scope of our current reality and don’t directly affect us.

Connect to MFR 3.13

Close your eyes and aim to connect to MFR 3.13, which you can do by asking your inner self to connect your mind to this frequency. We achieve this by using a combination of our thoughts and imagination, sourcing them from our mind.

Start asking your mind to reach higher frequencies, MFR 4, MFR 5, MFR 6, etc. You will reach a point where the frequency is too much and is causing too much energy to flow through your body.

For myself, in the early days, I would cap out at around MFR 6 or 7 before having to stop. As a workaround, whilst we are still building our mental muscles, we can ask the version of our self at whatever our highest frequency is to apply the technique to the rest of the frequencies that make up the framework of our body.

To fast-track my mental growth, I asked a version of my self to continue pushing up to higher frequencies, even when I wasn’t focusing on it. This allowed me to quickly reach 1.365 million MFR and beyond. It is possible for anyone else to do the same.

Start from MFW 1

We need to begin from the base of our self, all the way at MFW 1 and into MFR 1.365 million. To gradually build your mental muscle, you can keep reaching your max mental frequency and then imagine yourself pushing through the soft barrier that is preventing you from going even higher.

Just a small hole that lets you slip through to the higher frequency is all that is needed. Continue to repeat this process whenever you can, moving up as many frequencies as is comfortable.

Continuing the self-healing process, with eyes closed, ask a version of your self to connect to this frequency. They can still connect to it if you haven’t yet reached this frequency.

Once they have confirmed they are connected to the ‘all’ of it, then get them (or yourself) to switch down to the next level down, at approximately MFR 1.365 million.

If connected well enough, you should hopefully be able to see a visualisation of yourself. This could be as simple as a rough outline of your body with a red lit-up area to indicate where the problem currently is.

Using a headache as an example, this red portion would appear within your head area. Whilst at this frequency, picture your whole body as being healthy and green. You are effectively overriding the ‘sick’ setting that the framework of your body is currently set to.

Once confirmed, switch down to the next lowest frequency and do the same thing. You are able to use a version of your self to do this for you, and to also fast-track the process.

As the next step, I’ll then drop down to 1.3 million MFR, then 1.2 million MFR and so forth. I’d use a version of self to apply the ‘green’ healthy override to all the other frequencies in between. Stopping every 100k or so frequencies to check in with that version of my self to confirm this has been completed.

We then continue this process, all the way down to MFR 10, where we start to go a bit more slowly, stepping down through each of these shared frequencies and ensuring we have a clear healthy body.

Once we reach MFR 0, we stop and just check-in with that version of self that everything has been completed. Once confirmed, we listen to our bodies, get hydrated and rest. Making sure to take any prescribed medications.

If this has been successful, then the illness will eventually go away. Which we can say with confidence as our physical body will want to naturally match the new healthy energy framework that we have created.