MFM as a term isn’t very specific. After all, aren’t all mindfulness practices mentally focused?

Not necessarily, Yoga is a mindfulness practice, which isn’t all mentally focused.

MFM could be read as Mental Focused Mindfulness or Mental Frequency Mindfulness, which could be a more apt description.

Its whole focus is on mental frequencies and understanding the source and larger wholes of our reality. Communicating with these frequencies and using them in practical ways that assist us in our everyday lives.

An exploration of our minds and the source of our existence, MFM science is based upon our scientific discoveries of the reality around us.

  • We are 99.999999999% empty space, and our atoms are made up of energy.
  • The concept of time doesn’t exist and everything around us is infinite.
  • Our current physical body of our individual selves exist in our shared physical reality, where we create laws of reality and enforce them.
  • The physical universe itself is operating on its own energy-based frequency, that in MFM we refer to as frequency range zero.

MFM itself is neutral, and describes itself as a tool for learning, exploring and understanding our minds and the building blocks of our physical bodies.

It is recommended that a student starts from the first article and podcast, to learn and understand more about MFM.

#1 Mental Focused Mindfulness (MFM) Intro

“After a few years of exploring higher frequencies, I reached a frequency that was a combination of all frequencies. I could no longer communicate with other individual energies and everything could only communicate and move as one.”

“Exactly like using one hand to talk to another, it was clear, we were all one larger individual energy. After a while, I pushed on and discovered ever higher frequencies, a continuation of our larger infinite selves.”

– TZ (from articles and podcasts)

For me personally, I’m pretty simple and just like to use MFM wherever I can to improve my life experience. Whether this is gaining control of my undesired thoughts, healing physical and mental damage or pushing myself physically, beyond my usual limits.

There have been a number of ‘WOW’ discoveries along the road, exploring these mental frequencies. Such as:

  1. MFM can be used to more rapidly heal illness, physical injury and disease. Which also extends to activities like giving ourselves boosts of strength, energy and stamina.
  2. We really are all just one larger individual being, hurting another is the same as hurting our selves — just like using our left foot to kick our right foot, or vice versa.
  3. We, our personal individual selves are infinite, just like our larger self.
  4. All negative thoughts come from specific ranges of mental frequencies. Changing our mental frequency and keeping it at the new frequency will instantly halt these thoughts.
  5. Zen state can be instantly attained by switching to the relevant frequency ranges.
  6. The concept of female and male extends out to mental frequency range seven, with all higher ranges (8- 1.36million) not having this concept.
  7. Frequency ranges 1-7 are quite lively, with 8+ ranges being still. Which aligned neatly with the spiritual understanding of our chakras and energy healing practices.
  8. I don’t need to manually influence all the frequency ranges (1 – 1.36million) to heal myself. I can instead access a higher level of ‘whole’ and request that they apply the change instantly, to all frequencies.
  9. All frequency ranges are infinite, as are versions of physical reality, and everything else. We can take advantage of this and use it to shift ourselves into different versions of our physical reality.
  10. We can use MFM to access new sources of knowledge, an infinite source. There are some tricks to this however, as the self-imposed rules of our physical reality can limit many types of information.

As mentioned earlier, the best place to begin a new journey into understanding MFM is our first episode, linked below. The uses of MFM are varied and I still feel like I’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg.

I feel the next steps of this inner-energy based research would be towards how we can harness this further in our physical reality. With Nikola Tesla himself taking this a long way, with his dedicated experiments in attempting to harness free and infinite energy.

Amusingly, this could also lead us to crack the science needed to develop flying objects that don’t rely on laws of gravity, energy and propulsion. Something that I feel will be discovered naturally, once our human race, as a whole, has a clearer understanding of the larger, infinite individual self that we are all a part of.

#1 Mental Focused Mindfulness (MFM) Intro