I’ve spoken a lot about mental frequency ranges and beyond. Even referring to mental frequencies that refer to all of everything, specifically — mental frequency whole (MFW).

True to form, even mental frequency whole wasn’t the highest frequency, with ever higher versions of reality. A good metaphor would be if our universe and all of time and space were really just an atom that was within a larger body of reality.

Just like our physical bodies, there would be a countless number of atoms. This larger body of reality would, in turn, be an atom within an even higher body of reality. With the cycle continuing to repeat itself, into infinity.

You are infinite

Infinity doesn’t just go in one direction of course, which is why our individual selves are also infinite. In the sense that we can also create our own internal infinite realities, as well as express our selves in as many forms (e.g. past/future lives) as we wish, throughout eternity.

That’s the reason we are here, to have an experience. Yes, at any time, our inner self has their own goals and desires, However, our physical self is the one that has ultimate over-riding control.

The exception is if this attempted control affects the shared physical reality around us, whether that be other entities or actions that go against the rules of our reality. Long story short, the telekinesis, future-gazing, mind-reading and teleportation MFM experiments have all failed, 100% of the time.

An exciting ‘hack’ of MFM is that a lot of actions that are internal based, such as self-healing and boosts of energy can easily be applied. After all, it is our body and we have master control over our mind.

The inner self I am referring to is the one that is the ‘whole’ of your individual self. This includes all past/future lives, alternate realities and all other versions of ourselves throughout all of time and space.

For reference, in other articles, I’ll also refer to versions of our inner selves that exist at various frequencies, which are examples of entities that demonstrate the infinite nature of our individual self.

How to connect with your individual inner self

Sit somewhere comfortable, and close your eyes.

Focus within and visualise that you are a version of your self that is directly within you.

Stick with this for a while until you feel energised all over, which indicates that a connection has been made and is being held.

If you are having difficulty, then ask your inner self for assistance to become your whole individual self.

Say hello, this is the whole individual version of you, which includes your current physical body.

To provide an example, I connect and say “hello” now.

I get a calm full-sounding “hello” back, almost like the hello is coming from everything at once. Not in a loud way, but in a way that clearly shows that this we are speaking with the ‘whole’ version of our individual self.

I ask “What should I do now?”

The reply is, “You should keep doing what you are doing now, then let yourself relax afterwards for half an hour, and then go to bed”.

I ask, “Why should I do these things?”

The reply is, “You don’t have to do any of them. You asked and so I provided suggestions”.

I say “Thank you”, and they leave me with a pleasant smile and nod.

For reference, the conversation comes back to me as thoughts and the visuals are similar to what we create in our minds using our imagination. Very basic stuff and relates to what we already do on a daily basis with our mind.

What is Mental Focused Mindfulness (MFM)?

I created a series of 5 podcast episodes to cover MFM and its history, which can be started by checking out the intro to MFM podcast. Any listener will have a grounded understanding of MFM by the end of episode 5, with other articles throughout this blog available for further education.