Today I was thinking about how I’ve been using MFM to counter my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. This has been great but I haven’t been able to reverse the MS lesions in my brain and still regularly experience MS-related symptoms. The challenge is that when I’ve tried before, the feedback from my Zero Self has been that the MS and lesions were a valuable part of my life. That they have helped push *cough* me towards where I am today.

Podcast episode coming soon.

What is MFM Zero Self?

As a reminder, Zero Self is the version of your self that exists at Mental Frequency Range Zero (MFR0). Think of them as the closest-to-your-physical-body version of your inner self. If we are the band of energies that go all the way up to ~MFR-1.6million then Zero Self is at the very bottom of that. Directly outside our physical reality. What makes Zero Self unique is that being at this MFR means they exist at the closest frequency to our physical body/reality.

They are the ‘you’ that makes your whole body light up when you’re doing something you are passionate about. They are the ‘you’ that has a goal and an agenda on what they (you) would like to experience in this life. They can be cheeky, smart, and will smile or laugh at some of your requests. Luckily they are also pretty cool and are there to look out for you and will seek to provide (nearly) anything you ask of them. You’re still the boss but they’ll step in if there’s something that’s against their rules. For example, myself trying to use MFM to peer into the future or see the lotto numbers is something they’ll purposely blur or fuss up.

My beef with Zero Self and free will

Zero Self pushes the concept of free will and I’m free to do what I want. However, if I’m not doing something that I’m passionate about or if I’m doing something that is taking me away from what Zero Self wants… then yeah, it totally does not feel good. So much so that I experienced constant and extreme bouts of depression last week as I focused on updating my resume. Turns out it was in large parts the Zero Self in me pushing their (my) agenda on me. Which right now is to create content.

Experience-wise, the analytical side of me is happy at having the opportunity to observe that ‘extreme depression’ state and related mental frequency. The rest of me is just exhausted and happy to have finished the updates on my resume. Now that I’m sitting down in my office (lounge room), next to the dogs, writing content… I feel ‘nice’ and ‘relaxed’. I can almost picture Zero Self turning on the nice/relaxed pump and closing the anxious/depressed one. I raise an eyebrow at them… thinking that I should I note the strange thought and raise an eyebrow at Zero Self. They shrug their (imaginary) shoulders and flip on the anxious/depressed pump.

I feel horrible and in pain. In response, I throw a half-annoyed swipe their way which they easily dodge. After a short chuckle, Zero Self once again turns on the nice/relaxed pump and I go back to enjoying my inner body massage as I once again experience the feelings of relaxation and pleasure. I’d

A part of me still has a beef due to this apparent lack of free will. But you know what, right now it feels soooo good that I don’t care and I long ago learnt the futility of fighting my self. It only led to emotional and physical pain, so much so that just thinking about it connects me back with those feelings. Instead, I just want to go with the flow and work together with Zero Self. For years I’ve wanted to be a teacher and I went with the flow. Now I have content to teach, it’s fun to do, I love to do research and I feel awesome every time I do it.

On impulse, I yell “ZERO!!!!!!” *cough*…. “Can we just turn on the awesome switch for like forever?”… Ouch… they just (playfully) stepped on me with a size 300 shoe. Not enough to harm me but enough to let me know what they think of that suggestion. All good, I’ll stop writing about it.

Healing our physical body framework at every mental frequency

Usually, when applying personal healing techniques, I am overlaying a healed version of the framework at every frequency. The framework at each frequency is what dictates our corporeal (physical) form in this reality. An easy way to look at them is to visualise a version of your body existing at every frequency. If you are observing yourself after an injury, then you will notice that the mental frequency (MFR) version of your body also has that injury.

MFM healing techniques work wonderfully for headaches, aches, pains, touches of flu, colds and other minor conditions. The strength behind the MFM energy being applied at every frequency also assists in reducing the healing time. This is important because you can have a good visualisation but it won’t last long without the energy behind it.

The reason why the healing process won’t work if you don’t apply it to all frequencies is that the weight of the other frequencies will usually overcome your work. To try to create a close metaphor, think of your body as simply energy operating at a physical frequency (which it actually is). Then think that to create this, a whole band of energy needs to push down through all frequencies until it can reach the physical version.

Steps to heal a headache without medicine using MFM

  1. Connect to MFMLvl1
  2. Drop down to MFMLv1-MFR1.65m (~1.65 million)
  3. Observe your physical body framework at this frequency, which will have a large red area where the headache is
  4. Visualise replacing the red area with a cool healed area instead.
  5. Boost the MFM energy being applied by connecting to your current highest possible frequency and pulling the energy down (using a tightly wound spiral pattern to increase energy bandwidth)
  6. Drop down to the next frequency and repeat step 4 (replacing the injured area with a healed version), all the way to MFMLvl1-MFR0

Get the co-operation of MFMLvl1 for this process, which allows all 1.6 million frequencies to be updated in a matter of seconds. One minor challenge in the process, however, is the lower end frequencies. Specifically, it takes a bit more focus to overlay the new framework over MFR1.88 to MFR3.12 frequencies. Generally, I’ll apply extra focus over the whole MFR1-7 range, using a combination of high-frequency light (white) and as much energy as I can push through.

The result is that the headache is gone within 3-5 seconds and won’t come back, as long as I pushed enough energy through the process. I say this as I have run experiments in doing it at different ranges and the more energy the better. Early on, if I haven’t done it correctly then the headache will come back in 1-3 minutes and I’d need to repeat the process. If however, I’ve reached out and connected enough energy behind it then it will be permanently gone.

Headaches are a good starting point for MFM healing experiments as they are strongly mental based. After a bit of practice, you will be able to apply this technique to heal headaches and anything else. In an upcoming post and podcast, I’ll be covering how to tackle how to heal serious and incurable illnesses. A great case study for this will be the Brain Lesions caused by my Multiple Sclerosis.

How to change mental frequencies?

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