Further weather experiments with MFM

I keep meaning to come back and remove these weather experiment posts but the dang experiments keep working. Right on schedule, at odds with the weather reports, the experiments continue to succeed.

We are still at experiment #8, so things could still change and are still within the element of chance. That being said, gaining a measure of control over our weather could provide a large amount of benefits for many.

Weather system theory (recap)

Random extreme weather wiping the life experience of many is not cool and makes it harder to have a ‘ life experience’. What if the weather system was exactly that, a weather system that can be accessed (using MFM techniques). Sounds nuts, but the science (using MFM) is logical and aligns with previous information.

I’ll be continuing the research and will see where it leads.

This post is a continuation of our initial weather experiments (using MFM), covered in our last post.

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