There are a few ways to do this technique and with further refinement and practice, an MFM student can increase the level of energy being received.

To give an immediate example, it’s currently morning and I’m sitting here on the couch writing this post.

By using my thoughts and focus, I can subconsciously connect to a higher mental frequency and draw upon an abundance of energy.

This energy makes it challenging to keep my body still, as it seeks to move, stretch and exercise out the excess energy coming through.

A body can also transmute this energy into stamina or physical strength. Which it can do for us, depending on our current needs.

Disconnecting from this higher mental frequency, I can still feel the after-effects and tingling from the energy.

Investigating further, using MFM, I can see that the secret of this technique is the subconscious connection of our mind to a mental frequency that is beyond our current mental strength.

Specifically, if we use MFM and keep switching our mind to an ever-higher frequency, then we will eventually reach a limit. Going higher than this will result in us connecting to frequencies that have too much energy for us to handle.

To break the technique down into steps:

  1. Use MFM to connect to the highest frequency currently possible
  2. Connect to the frequencies beyond that
  3. Use visualisation techniques to focus on and increase the energy flow
  4. Hold your focus on this frequency for as long as possible

Over time, the technique will become second-nature.

For a detailed guide on connecting to frequencies, visit how to connect to and change mental frequencies,

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