A fun way to regularly use MFM is with creative story telling, especially for those with young children.

For example, last night it was an animated story about a large jelly fish that travelled from the sea and up a connected river with her new-found hippo friend.

This night it was an animated story about a little monkey that was afraid of climbing trees and her encounter with a prowling predator. Who of course, true to form, eventually became a supportive friend of the monkey.

With MFM, the parameters for the scene can be set. For myself, it’s simply, “Show me a story that my children would enjoy”.

The scope is completely optional and could, for example, specify that the story needs to also have some scary scenes.

One method on how to do it?

Once practised, the method can be done eyes open, there is no requirement for these steps. They are good however as a starting point, and to help us strengthen our mental awareness.

1. Close your eyes

2. Connect with the full version of your inner self

Often in MFM, we work on understanding the different mental frequencies, recognising them and learning to switch our minds to a specific frequency.

The ‘creative part’ of this process, is directly within your self. Think of it like your ‘infinite’ sandbox, where any reality can be created.

One of the interesting discoveries about our selves is that we also have an infinite personal space to create a reality.

Just like the higher frequencies of our selves, that exist beyond our individual self.

3. Request your desired reality

As shared earlier, simply share some detail on what you would like to see (imagination) and hear (thoughts).

For stories, I like to keep the visuals simple, with stories coming across as animated scenes, allowing me to more easily pass on the story.

Thoughts will come in as a background narrator, providing additional detail as needed. Such as when a child wants to know why the little monkey was scared of climbing trees?

4. Tune in with your preferred medium

It might take some time to grasp, but will eventually come naturally after practising for a while.

Our goal is to hear the thoughts coming to mind and to see whatever appears in our imagination. Passing on these details in written or oral form.

5. Have fun

Don’t take it too seriously and simply work on finding a way to regularly connect with your Inner Self.