Mental Focused Mindfulness (MFM) is a mental technique that gives us access to the source code of our mind and body.

In summary, it lets you investigate any of your emotions, thoughts, feelings or anything else that you are receiving within your mind. At a physical level, it let’s you directly update the mental framework that dictates how your physical body should be projected.

Already throughout the world, we are using meditation and faith techniques to heal the mind and body. MFM is simply a more direct application of these techniques, just like if we were accessing the source code of our mind and body.


Situation: A train of consistent unwanted thoughts comes to mind.
Solution (MFM): Investigate the source code of the process that is producing these thoughts. Based on the investigation, choose whether to change the channel (frequency) that your mind is currently connected to, or go in and directly update the source code of this internal process.

Situation: MFM student wishes to change their Mental Frequency Range (MFR) to MFR3.13, the ‘Present’, ‘Awareness Now’ channel.
Solution (MFM): MSM student accesses an internal helper process to direct their mind to the desired frequency. Wishing to keep their focus there for as long as possible, they create a firewall to help prevent the mind’s focus from shifting back to undesired frequencies.

Situation: A persistent headache won’t go away and there is no available medication.
Solution (MFM): Advanced MFM student accesses the source code for the body at all of the available mental frequency ranges. Using a helper process, they apply updates to the code at every frequency to reflect a body that doesn’t have a headache.
Result: Headache is gone.

Situation: Student wants to do something more permanent with the undesired frequencies, say they wish to pull back a bit on the anxiety related frequencies.
Solution: Student visits the undesired frequencies using MFM techniques and directly updates the code. Changing the feedback they receive whenever they connect to this frequency in future.
Result: Trigger is fired and student’s mind switches back to the anxiety frequency. Student accesses MFM and is bemused to notice that only minor feelings of anxiety are being experienced. At least until the source code is over-written once again.