Weather experiments with MFM

So, I was just messing around the other week and conducted an initial weather experiment using MFM, which I quickly forgot about. Surprisingly though, a few days later it seemed to have worked.

Obviously just a coincidence, but to continue the experiment, I ran the test case again. Which, surprisingly once again worked. Ok, then came experiments 3 and 4, which strangely, also came back successful.

I’m going to be continuing the experiments, halting as soon as the science proves false. I’m curious to see how it plays out and will continue the experiments until I am satisfied that the science is legit. Assuming it’s all legit, then the theory for the model is shared below, based on evidence gathered so far.

The MFM weather system theory

Imagine if every planet throughout the universe had it’s own weather system with a mental-based public access terminal for local species. This system would allow anyone to lodge their weather requests and get a reply on whether this would be approved or not.

The general standard here would seem to be to not cause any large discomfort to other life on the planet. The system and it’s helpers would then handle all the nuts and bolts of making the weather occur, such as needing the sun to evaporate water to condense and then create the clouds for rain to occur.

Using MFM to access the source code of this weather system

The system can be used for ease of use, however, for the adventurous, you can access the source code directly. At the end of the day, this is just reaching out to the sub-molecular components that create the needed weather patterns.

No manipulation is occurring here — or could occur even if tried — just a simple direct group-request and answer. If the answer is yes, then the group will endeavour to have it occur as requested. With them being available to discuss any issues with the delivery of the request.

Is this even plausible?

Technically yes, as it doesn’t break any rules and if we apply the understanding of sentience to other atoms (not just our own), then it is plausible that they would choose to accept a request for a service they already offer.

Phase two of experimentation to begin after test #10

Honestly, this is still in the realm of chance/coincidence so whatever results have been achieved so far don’t really mean too much.

If however, 10 experiments are conducted and every one comes back a success. Then we would move on to the next 90 experiments and some more study.

This weather stuff is batsh*t crazy

Could be, could be. I’m just a researcher looking deeper into something that’s yielded some positive results.

The second those results cease is when I’ll move on to something else. Heh, most likely I’ll end up deleting this post should that occur, as the science would have proven false.

Still though, still…. wow… I can’t even begin to imagine the positive affects of such a system. Fingers crossed, let’s see what the next stages of the experiment show.

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